KeynoteRick Marini, Founder, BranchOut

Social Innovation: You Have Users, now what?
Will Young, Director, Zappos Lab
Pierre-Loric, CEO & Co-Founder, Traackr
Doug Dalton, Founder, EXS Billing
Moderated by: Michael DeNunzio, Founder, Pebble Ventures

Video, Transmedia & Branded Content
Guy Gal, Founder, Kingmaker
Alisa Gould-Simon, Co-Founder, POSE 
Kent Zambrana, Supervising Producer, Invodo
Jennifer Yen, Founder, pur lisse
Moderated by: Cory Johnson, Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg West

Experiential Marketing: Engaging Consumers Where They Are
Shiloh Uhlir, Social Media & Marketing ManagerEntrust Bankcard
Rachel Masters, Co-Founder & Partner, Red Magnet Media
Lisa Hickey, Marketing Director, C3 Presents
Moderated by: Heather Huestis, Mother NY

Mobile Strategy: How Companies Should Approach Mobile + Upcoming Trends
Andrew Hoag, Founder/CEO, UrbanTag
Joe McCann, Mobile Architect, Bazaarvoice
Manish Chandra, Founder/CEO, Poshmark
Anthony Krumeich, Founder, Bloodhound
Moderated by: Joah Spearman, Founder, AvecMode

Social Cause: Digital Strategy + Technology
Amaryllis Fox, Founder,
Ellie Cachette, Founder/CEO, Consumer Bell
Jody Sherman, CEO/Founder, Ecomom
Sean Carasso, Founder, Falling Whistles
Moderated by: Lorraine Sanders, Digital Style Digest

Women Entrepreneurs: Founders + Successful Brands
Laura Slezinger, Founding Partner, Venture Gained Legal
Heather Marie, Founder/CEO, PsBill
Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder/Head of User Experience, CloudFlare
Carly Schwartz, Co-Founding Editor, Huffington Post SF
Moderated by: Caroline Waxler, Digital Media Strategist

The Impact of Storytelling
TJ Kelly, Group Director Digital, Edelman

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